Donovan Case

God has raised up a host of creative, passionate individuals who are leading the Church in evangelism and missions. Here we invite you to get to know some of them.


dcDonovan Case accepted the Lord as a teenager. He has served with Youth For Christ >>, Child Evangelism Fellowship >>, Urban Bible Camp, International Christian Ministries, Summit Group, Lausanne III, Mission America Coalition, and African Americans for Missions >>. He has also been active in church planting. Donovan and his wife of 44 years have three children and six grandchildren.


What is your main focus in ministry and why are you passionate about it?

My main focus in ministry is winning lost souls for Christ and helping the African American Church be more involved in global missions. I am passionate about sharing the good news of the gospel because that is what God commands us to do.  I also have a burden for the African American Church to help individuals overcome real and perceived barriers that have previously discouraged and/or prohibited the freedom to share the gospel to all people groups. The African American Church remains accountable to participate in the Great Commission. I feel that I can help in some small way.

What does evangelism mean to you?

Evangelism means personal engagement in sharing the good news of the gospel to those who are without Christ. It is sharing how man is separated from God because of sin and how Jesus Christ took man’s punishment for sin to satisfy a righteous God. When a man believes that Jesus died for him, the Bible says he shall be saved. Methods of getting that message across to different people groups may vary, but the principles are always the same.

Tell a story of how you shared your faith in Christ and saw God woo an individual one step closer to himself.

About six months ago in the inner city of St. Louis, I began a T4T (Training for Trainers) class with people on how to share their faith with others. Although I knew many of the attendees were probably not Christians, I continued to share the simple message of the gospel and how each person who comes to Christ has his or her own story. I shared my story, how I received Christ, and encouraged each one to share his or her story. One lady from the group explained that she recently received Christ during one of the Bible sessions. Now she was able to share her story (testimony) with her relatives and co-workers.

What is your favorite quote/scripture?

Quote: “Change does not happen in the rational mind. Change happens in the human heart. When change happens in the human heart, it manifests itself in our hands and feet.” (Unknown)

Scripture: “For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the Law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach statutes and ordinances in Israel.” (Ezra 7:10)

How can people learn more about you and your ministry?

Visit my personal website >> or African Americans for Missions >>


What is the biggest issue the Church in your part of the world faces today and why?

The lack of outreach for souls who are lost. Each believer must be equipped to share his or her faith with unbelievers and win them to Christ. A recent Barna research report said that 95% of Christians in the American Church have never led a person to Christ. This is a travesty. The Church has moved too far away from its primary mission, which is to make disciples of all nations, beginning at home and outward (Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). 

What is the biggest issue the Global Church is facing today and why?

One of the biggest is getting authentic believers to share their faith within their sphere of influence. Too many churches have become entertainment centers and have veered from preaching all of God’s truth from the word of God.

What is your hope for the Global Church in the next ten years?

My hope for the Global Church in the next ten years is that she would repent of her ways and truly seek after God. I hope the Global Church would become stronger in outreach and winning souls for Christ. My prayer is that the Church would also seek to train new converts and to win other souls to Christ. I would like to see the Church build one another up in the faith and provide practical help to those who are in need. If the Global Church would apply these things, I believe we would see a spiritual awakening unparalleled in recent history.

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