Thunder Football


Wheaton offers 21 intercollegiate sports, nine club sports, and many intramurals for students to get involved in athletics, and 60% of the student body is involved in sports.


The mission of Wheaton’s intercollegiate sports program is to employ competitive sports to develop within our students not just physical prowess, but the depth of faith, strength of character, and skills of leadership required for a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Wheaton is known for the excellence of its Division III teams, which in the last few years have produced two NFL players and a Major League Baseball player. Wheaton athletic teams have won more than 175 Conference Championships, and Wheaton student-athletes have won 31 team and individual National Championships.

In addition to intercollegiate sports, Wheaton also offers nine club sports and many intramurals for the student body to participate in each semester. It's hard not to come across a pick-up Ultimate Frisbee game,  and on an average winter day about 700 students use the state-of-the-art Sports and Recreation Complex for swimming, climbing, and working out at the gym.


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