Wheaton's campus is home to a number of venues for musical and theatrical performances, as well as various galleries for art exhibits.



Edman Memorial Chapel
Edman Memorial Chapel, a large auditorium seating more than 2400 people, is the site of campus chapels, concerts, commencements, and various community-related events such as the Artist Series.

Pierce Memorial Chapel
Pierce Memorial Chapel is a 900-seat auditorium used for class chapels, lectures, concerts, and recitals.

Barrows Auditorium
The 500-seat Barrows Auditorium is located in the east wing of the Billy Graham Center, and is a popular venue for conferences, recitals, lectures, and other events.


Arena Theater
Located in Jenks Hall, Arena Theater is used for various theater and dance productions.


Adams Hall
Open to the public, and home to the Art DepartmentAdams Hall was recently renovated to include state of the art classrooms and galleries for student and faculty art exhibits.

Billy Graham Center Museum
The Billy Graham Center Museum, located on the first floor of the Billy Graham Center, houses interesting displays on the history of evangelism, highlights of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and a graphic presentation of the gospel.

The Evangelism and Missions Collection, and the Billy Graham Center Archives, devoted to the history of world missions and evangelism, are located on the third floor of the Billy Graham Center.


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