Undergraduate Admissions


Space to be yourself.  Challenge to become something more.  Each student comes to Wheaton with his or her own questions and strengths, hopes and passions.  As a community of grace, we welcome you as you are, with your own unique story. 

Still, college is a time of radical growth, and we are dedicated to becoming more of who God wants us to be.  A rigorous, liberal arts curriculum stirs us to explore our world and wrestle with deep questions.  We integrate our learning with steadfast faith; faith informs how we think and learning makes us better citizens in God’s kingdom.

Wheaton College has been noted for its academic standard: over 95% of our faculty hold terminal degrees, we have a top 25 liberal arts science department, and we are ranked 9th out of 900 liberal arts colleges for the number of graduates who go on to earn doctorates.  This holds little significance, however, unless it is tied to our guiding motto: For Christ and His Kingdom.  Through everything we do, we seek to discover Christ’s kingdom in our midst, and in the world around us.  We are a community dedicated to learning, loving, and serving.  A community of grace.

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