Make an Appointment


How to Make an Appointment

Sign up for a time on the sheet posted to the Writing Center door (we are located in Buswell Library, near the computer labs) or call x5564 to make a appointment. Consulting sessions last 30 minutes. You may not sign up for two consecutive time slots, although you may stay an additional 30 minutes if no other clients show up. If you want to meet with a particular consultant, his or her hours will be posted on the door. Consultants who have experience working with ESL students

We accept walk-in clients; however, clients who have signed up for an appointment will take priority. During busy times of the year (especially at the end of the quad or semester) walk-in clients may have to wait some time before a slot frees up. Appointments by sign-up are encouraged during these times.

What to Bring

You should bring your assignment and a current draft of your work. We encourage you to bring your most recent draft of whatever project you happen to be working on. If you haven't started writing yet, we'd love to sit down with you to talk about brainstorming, invention, or strategies for conducting research. It would also be helpful if you could try to formulate a few questions about specific concerns you might have with your writing to ask the consultant.

What to Expect

Our goal at the Writing Center is to help you become a better writer. All the work done in the consulting session is informed by this central purpose. Keep in mind, the Writing Center is not a "fix-it shop" where consultants correct your papers and make them perfect. Although we are concerned with the quality of your final piece, we are much more interested in helping you develop the skills and habits that lead to more effective writing. We want to focus on your specific goals for the session, but expect to be challenged as well -- a willingness to learn will go a long way towards making your visit a productive use of your time.

What a Typical Session Looks Like

You will walk through the door to the center and a consultant at the desk will greet you. The two of you will move off to one of the private consultant rooms in the back of the office and sit down at a table. You will discuss what concerns or questions you as a writer have about your piece, and you will set a few specific goals for the session. The rest of the time will be spent with you and the consultant collaborating to achieve those goals, which may range from strengthening a thesis statement to restructuring the paper's logical sequence to working on more clearly presenting key information. At the end of the session, the consultant will record your information in our database and ask if you would like a report of the session sent to your instructor. Consultations generally last the full 30 minutes.

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