Freshman Advising


Key Dates for incoming Fall 2016 freshman advising and registration:

Mid May Letter to accepted students to be sent along with information about how to meet General Education Requirements and competencies by testing.
End of June Registration packets to be mailed - including instructions, a Course Guide booklet and registration materials that will list all the courses open to freshmen for the fall 2016 semester.  Based on these materials and your test scores, you will choose the courses you wish to take.
July 6-29 Registration: Details in end-of-June mailing.
Aug 23 2015  Orientation and advising sessions - students will be able to make additional changes to their schedules at that time. 
Aug 24, 2015  Classes begin. 


Academic Orientation Video:

Registration packets will be mailed to all incoming freshmen in late June.  Watch this video for helpful information regarding academic policies prior to receiving your packet and completing your registration.  There is a lot of detailed information here so refer to this as needed.


How to Register Video:

Information about dual enrollment:

In general terms, most introductory dual enrollment courses taken for college credit will transfer, with the exception of Wellness/Fitness for Life/Sport Activity, College Algebra/Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus and vocational courses. However, be aware that we will be rolling out a new General Education program in fall 2016. It will be late spring 2016 before particular dual enrollment courses can be assessed for how they will apply specifically to the new General Education requirements. The same courses that transfer now would transfer then; it is what requirements they will meet that may change. All credits accepted for transfer will still go toward the total hours needed to graduate, even if not meeting a specific requirement. Wheaton College has a transfer cap of 40 hours earned from all sources (AP, IB, SAT II, Dual Enrollment, etc.) earned prior to high school graduation.


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