Campus Cable Television


Channel Listing

Analog channels available everywhere on campus   Digital channels available everywhere on campus (DTV converter box or digital TV required)
2 CNN   2.1  CBS2 WBBM, Chicago - CBS 
3 CNN Headline News   5.1  NBC5 WMAQ, Chicago - NBC
Wheaton College events LIVE and rebroadcast; video conferences on the Wheaton College campus
  5.2  NBC5 Weather from NBC5
5 Fox News Channel   7.1  WLS Chicago - ABC 
6 TBS Superstation   7.2 WLS Live Well Network
7 TNT   7.3 WLS Live Well Network
8 USA   9.1  WGN Chicago - Tribune / CW
9 Nick Toons   9.2  LATV Antenna TV Classic TV Shows
10 Cartoon Network   11.1  WTTW chiucago Public Broadcasting
11 ESPN   11.2 WTTW Prime PBS Showcase Programming
12 ESPN 2   11.3 WTTW Create How-to and Lifestyle programming
13 ESPN News   11.4 V-ME Public broadcasting (Spanish)
14 ESPN Classic   20.1 WYCC Chicago Public Broadcasting
15 ESPN U   20.2 WYCC Standard Definition PBS programming
18 Hallmark Movie Channel   20.3 WYCC Worldview
19 Weather Channel   26.1 WCIU Chicago
20 C Span   26.2 ME TV The U Too
21 C Span 2   26.3 ME TV Classic TV shows and movies
22 Bloomberg Business Channel   26.4 METOO Classic TV shows and movies
23 The Learning Channel   26.5 THIS Classic TV movies
24 Arts Channel - fine arts videos   32.1 WFLD Chicago - FOX
25 Discovery   38.1 ION Chicago - ION
Analog channels available only in classes, offices and dorm lounges (cannot be seen in campus apartments and houses)   50.1 WPWR Gary, IN
40 ProSieben (German)   66.1 WGBO Chicago (Spanish)
41 TV5 (French)        


Receiving Campus Cable TV

  • Old analog TVs will receive campus channels 2-13, 14-15, and 19-32. If using a digital converter box with an old analog TV, the converter box must be set to "Off" to receive these channels.
  • Old analog TVs with a digital converter box will receive digital channels with the converter box set to "On."
  • Digital TVs will receive all channels, but please note the following settings:
  • In the TV's menu, set the TV for "Air" and not "Cable." This will allow reception of channels 2-13 and digital channels (some TVs will receive all channels i.e. LG).
  • Some digital TVs need to be set back to "Cable" mode to receive channels 14-15 and 19-32. However, the TV may need to be set back to "Air" to receive digital channels.