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Upgrade Status: Complete

The employee email system has been upgraded to Office 365.

  • SkyDrive and Messenger

    Most employees have not used either SkyDrive or Microsoft Messenger with their Wheaton email account.

    If you have used either of these services with your Wheaton account then you will want to learn about how to access SkyDrive and Messenger .

  • Email Limit Increased

    The limit on the amount of email you can store in your mailbox will be increased from 10 GB to 25 GB as part of this upgrade.

  • SharePoint

    Many people have been asking for the improved collaboration capabilities of SharePoint. SharePoint is coming, and this upgrade brings us one step closer, but more work remains to be done before SharePoint will be available.

  • Missing Logo

    When accessing your email using a web browser after the upgrade the Wheaton College logo will no longer be displayed. Instead you will see the Office 365 logo. Even though you do not see our logo Wheaton College still administers this account.

  • Have Questions?

    If you still have questions please contact IT Services using the information on the left of this page.

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