Connecting to a Shared Drive


Shared Drive on Windows

Your Department Shared Drive

Look in "My Computer" for your department shared folder, typically the S drive listed as: 
Shared on Micah\Vol1 (S:)
Shared on Ezra\Apps' (S:)

Find a Shared folder

If you have access to another department's shared folder that doesn't appear in your S drive:

  • Click the Start Menu, then click "Run"
  • Type in the server path where this shared folder is found:

For administrative departments: \\micah\vol1

For academic departments: \\ezra\vol1\shared

Shared Drive on Mac OS X

Connect to the Shared Drive 

Begin by clicking the finder in the dock.

Click the Go menu at the top of the screen.

Shared MacThen click "Connect to Server..." A dialog box will display like the following. Type "smb://name_of_server" and then click "Connect." Another dialog box will prompt you for your username and password. Then a list of volumes on that server will be displayed. Select one and click OK. You can connect to a different volume at any time. 

Shared Mac

For Ezra (academic server) users:
Apps - where the dept. shared folder resides
Fac - where your home directory resides

Mac Shared

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