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Previous Notices

New Web Interface for ThunderCloud Storage
Managed Software Center Available for College-Owned Macs
macOS Sierra Available for College-Owned Macs 2/1/17
Windows 10 Available for College-Owned Computers 1/26/17
Cognos Analytics Launching January 27 1/25/17
New Security Settings for Mobile Devices 1/25/17
Meet-Me Option Removal from VOIP Phones 1/19/17
Password Expiration Extension and Account Lockout Changes 1/19/17
Qualtrics Research Suite Now Available 1/6/17
Wheaton Portal Unavailable During Maintenance 1/4/17
Outlook Calendaring Policy: Faculty FAQs 12/22/16
Doubling Our Bandwidth: Internet2 Comes to Wheaton College 12/15/16
LISTSERV: Improving Email Notifications 12/15/16
Password Expiration Extended; New Mobile Device Security 12/15/16
Maintenance to Emergency Messaging System 12/15/16
Accounts for Newly Accepted Undergraduates  12/15/16
Learn Something New with ThunderCloud Training 12/13/16
Technology Plan Refreshed for 2017 - 2019 12/13/16
Bringing New Technology to Campus 12/13/16
Training Materials Available for Outlook Calendaring 12/13/16
Upcoming Changes to Voicemail Policy 12/8/16
Conference Now to Replace Meet-Me 12/1/16
Cognos TM1 Unavailable During Update 11/24/16
Updated ThunderCloud Storage Web Interface 11/17/16
Banner Services Unavailable During Oracle Database Update 11/15/16
Two Email Address to be Deleted 11/10/16
VPN Software Update 11/10/16
Updates to Campus Firewall 11/10/16
Cognos TM1 Unavailable During Update 11/10/16
.NET Framework and C++ Updates to Window 7 Computers 11/9/16
Network Unavailable During Maintenance 11/9/16
Bug Fixes Applied to Recruiter 11/9/16
Perceptive Content Unavailable During Update 11/3/16
Phone System Change to Allow Skype Calls
Updates to Campus Firewall 11/2/16
New Notification Policy Implemented to Improve Communication
Recommended Video Courses for Students 10/31/16
Calendaring Standards Promote Efficiency 10/31/16
Recommended Video Courses for Faculty and Staff
Making Grading Easier: Turnitin’s Feedback Studio
Updates to Windows 7 Computers
Directory Information Available in Wheaton Portal
ThunderCloud Printing Driver Update
Campus-Wide Printer Survey October 25 - 28
Keep Your Work Safe this B-Quad 10/20/16
Classroom Firmware Update 10/13/16
ThunderCloud Storage Security Updates
Changes to After-Hours Support 10/12/16
Intermittent Outages During Network Maintenance  10/6/16
StarRez Update
ThunderCloud Training Security Updates 10/6/16
Test Printer Added to ThunderCloud Printing
New Paperless Account Forms 9/29/16
Improved Communication: Internal Digital Notification Policy  9/21/16 
VoIP Telephone Upgrade
MacOS 10.12 Sierra Updates
Topics in Learning and Teaching: Upcoming Seminars 9/1/16
Printer Update for Windows Computers 9/1/16
ThunderCloud Storage Group Shares Now Available 8/31/16
iOS Security Update 8/26/16
Anonymous FTP No Longer Available 8/18/16
Returning Student Checklist 8/4/16
New Student Checklist 8/4/16
Wheaton College to Enhance Cybersecurity 8/4/16
Equipment Circulation Now Located in Blanchard Hall 8/4/16
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