Distributed Learning FAQ


Is there a time limit on finishing a Distance Learning course?

The term for our on-line courses varies.

Can I earn a master's degree through distance education alone?

You may use credits earned through Wheaton's Distance Learning courses to complete up to 25 percent of your degree program prior to matriculation provided the courses fit the emphasis of your academic program (this also assumes no transfer credit from another school). However, you cannot earn a degree through Distance Learning alone.

Do distance learning course credits transfer to other graduate schools and seminaries?

Our students sometimes transfer credit to other institutions. However, prior to enrolling in our course, you should check with the school from which you ultimately plan to receive a degree in order to ensure that the distance learning course you plan to take fits the school's program requirements.

What is the format of your courses?

Distance Learning courses are offered in one or more of the following formats:

  • Instructional CD-ROMs

  • Audio cassette tapes with printed manuals

  • On-line instruction and interaction via the World Wide Web

Students typically submit assignment via the postal service, fax or e-mail attachments.

How are exams administered?

For courses that include examinations, students choose a proctor according to our guidelines. The proctor is then sent the exam with instructions on administering it and is responsible for returning it directly to us once the student has taken the exam.

Is financial aid available for study done through Distance Learning?

The cost of graduate tuition for a self-paced Distance Learning course is already a reduced rate compared to the same course taken on campus. No scholarships are available.

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