Wheaton in China

Wheaton in China


Wheaton in China is a five-week summer program offering six credit hours. It features intensive study of Chinese language, culture, business and economy with related lectures, field study and guided travel. Open to students of all majors, the program begins with an orientation week on site, devoted to cross-cultural workshops and training.  Language study and practice in and outside of the classroom help students of all levels develop language skills and better cultural understanding through immersion.

In addition to daily class time, students take part in several excursions a week, some to cultural and historical sites, others to local businesses for a behind-the-scene look and interviews with managers. Through first-hand experiences, students will discover the opportunities in China for their future study, business and/or ministry.

Wheaton in China is sponsored by the Mandarin Chinese program in the Foreign Languages Department. It is offered bi-annually May-June and based in Beijing or Guangzhou, with travel to other cities. Language courses are taught in Chinese; all courses are taught by both native Chinese instructors and Wheaton faculty. 

For more information visit the Foreign Language department.

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