Summer 2015 Class Schedule

Students may register for a full track (8 credit hours) or individual classes. Classes may be selected from different tracks, but only one class may be taken at a time.

General Education Track 1: dates TBD

 Course Credit hrs  Title  Dates 
 GEOL 201 Introductory Geology in the Field 
 BIOL 314 Environmental Science 
 ASTR 302 Stellar Astronomy   


General Education Track 2: dates TBD

Option 1: Eight hours of science


 Course Credit hrs  Title  Dates 
BIOL 314 Environmental Science 
ASTR 302 2 Stellar Astronomy 
GEOL 201 4 Introductory Geology in the Field


Option 2: Two hour diversity course and 6 hours of science


 Course Credit hrs  Title  Dates 
BITH/ANTH 350* Conquest and Redemption
ASTR 302  Stellar Astronomy
GEOL 201 4  Introductory Geology in the Field  

*Counts for diversity credit and Social Science general education credit or Biblical and Theological Studies elective credit. Conquest and Redemption: Native American Culture and Theology from 1492 to Wounded Knee description: This course is an interdisciplinary course designed to explore the Native American experience through the lens of historical anthropology and theology. Students receive diversity course credit for this class.


Biology Major Track: dates TBD


 Course Credit hrs  Title  Dates 
BIOL 242  Diversity of Life: An Intro to Zoo. and Bot.
BIOL 243 4  Processes of Life: Ecology and Evolution


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