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On this page you'll find resources concerning development issues, as well as lectures given at Wheaton College by special guests of the HNGR Program. You'll also find a list of the books HNGR students are engaging with, as well as the scholarly essays submitted on the occasion of the first annual HNGR Symposium. Happy Reading!

Articles, Essays, and Readings

The Ideology of Development
Article by William Easterly in Foreign Policy magazine

On Locusts and Bodies

A chapter from Denise Ackerman's book After the Locusts

The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: A Sign of Instability in a Complex Global System
By Soloman R. Benatar, University of Cape Town

Bill Gates' Commencement Address at Harvard University
On inequality and philanthropy

Audio Recordings

Audio recordings of the chapel presentations are available for free download.

April 2007 Third World Issues guest lecture by Pete Ondeng, Millennium Promise (Text)
February 2007 Chapel Address by Swaleh Karanja, Heifer International (Audio)
November 2006 Chapel Address by Dr. David Kasali of Congo Initiative (Audio)
November 2003

Chapel Address by Ruth Padilla DeBorst (Text)

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