Advisory Visitor

Independent Study and Advisory Visit


Independent Study (HNGR 495)

During the internship, each intern is required to carry out an Independent Study of at least 2 credit hours. Whenever possible, course credit for this study is in the intern's major field, as the purpose is to provide the student with an opportunity to apply the techniques and knowledge of his/her specialization to the the real-life problems and situations encountered during the internship. Topics of study usually emerge from the student's work/service activities and major. It is hoped that the study will have direct relevance and meet some specific need of the host organization.

Advisory Visit

A Wheaton professor or HNGR staff member visits each student at some point during his/her internship. The purpose of the advisory visit is to assess the total internship situation and to enhance learning opportunities on site. The visitor usually stays on site for about three days, and is intended to stimulate the student to get the most out of his/her internship, clarify independent study goals, and to discuss any thoughts, questions, or problems the student may have related to daily activities, living arrangements, independent study, language acquisition, readings, personal adjustment, spiritual growth, church/fellowship, mentorship, etc. Switching the life of a college student on campus--where the student's role and appropriate behavior are well-defined and structured--to the life of an intern--where the unfamiliar context and accompanying responsibilities can make roles very unclear--is an understandably difficult process.

During the visit, faculty and staff stay with the student in his/her context, and are able to learn from the work being done by the student and the host organization on-site. The visit broadens the learning of professors and students alike through this unique one-on-one learning and mentoring opportunity.

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