Hannah Stolze, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing
On Faculty since 2015

Office: MSC 317


Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2012
Emphasis: Logistics and Marketing

M.B.A., Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO, 2005

B.A., Carthage College, Kenosha, WI, 2003


  • Principles of Marketing
  • Marketing and Supply Chain Strategy
  • Business and Economics Internship Coordinator

Research Interests

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Strategies
    - Environmental sustainability strategies in context of environmental
    - Environmentally responsible logistics and social capital
  • Firm Level Competencies
    - Environmental innovation and social capital in logistics supply chain
    - Integration of demand and supply information through social networks in the firm

Refereed Research Publications

Stolze, H.J., Murfield, M., & Esper, T. (2015). Antecedents to Bridging the Cross-Functional Divide: An Individual Network Perspective. The Journal of Business Logistics, 36 (1) 49-68

Bell, J., Mollenkopf, D.A., Stolze, H. J. (2013). Natural Resource Scarcity and the Closed-Loop Supply Chain: A Resources-Advantage View. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics, 43 (5/6) 351-379, Leading Article of Natural Resource Scarcity Special Issue.

Mollenkopf, D.A., Stolze, H.J., Tate, W., & Ueltschy, M. (2010). Green, Lean, and Global Supply Chains. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 40, 1/2. 5th most downloaded IJPDLM article - 2,280 downloads.

Stolze, H.J. Mollenkopf, D.A., & Flint, D. (forthcoming). What is the Right Supply Chain for Your Shopper?: Exploring the Shopper Marketing Service Ecosystem. Under review at The Journal of Business Logistics. 

Works in Progress

Stolze, H.J., Cronin, J.J., Ladd., R.T. & Mollenkopf, D. Effects of Direct-Store-Deliver Employees' Boundary Spanning Social Networks on In-Store Marketing Execution.

Stolze, H.J., Brusco, M., Smith, J. Intra-firm Embeddedness and Manufacturer-Retail Channel Performance: An Exploratory Social Network Analysis. Under review at the Journal of Operations Management.

Stolze, Hannah; Diane Mollenkopf. “Exploring the 3PL Orchestration of Environmental Services.” Journal of Business Logistics.

Conference Presentations

Stolze, H.J., & Mollenkopf, D. A. (Presented 2013, October) Co-Creating Customer Value Through Logistics Services. Paper presented at Supply Chain Management Educator's Conference, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Denver, CO. (International)

Stolze, H.J., & Mollenkopf, D. A. & Flint, D.J. (Presented 2013, July). Cross-functional Integration at the Frontline of the Retail Channel: A Structured Abstract. Paper presented at Academy of Marketing Science 16th Biennial World Marketing Congress, Academy of Marketing Science, Melbourne, AU. (International)

Stolze, H.J., Flint, D.J., & Mollenkopf, D. A. (Presented 2012, July). Environmental Innovation and Co-Creation of Value. Paper presented at Australia-New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, ANZMAC, Christchurch, NZ. (International)

Stolze, Hannah; Diane Mollenkopf; Stanley Griffis, and Chad Autry (2011) “Development and Validation of a Relational Supply Chain Capital Measurement Scale,” CSCMP Educators Conference 2011.

Stolze, Hannah. “A Social Network Perspective of Demand and Supply Integration – An Abstract. Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference 2011.

Stolze, Hannah; Diane Mollenkopf; and Dan Flint. (2010) “Environmental CSR as a Core Competence of the Firm,” Proceedings of the AMA Summer Educators Conference 2010.

Stolze, Hannah; Diane Mollenkopf; and Dan Flint (2010), “Environmental Innovation and Co-creation of Value,” Proceedings of the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2010.

Stolze, Hannah (2010). “Reverse flow to Closed Loop Supply Chain Management: literature review, and directions for future research – An Abstract.” Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference 2010.

Mollenkopf, Diane; Wendy Tate; Hannah Stolze; and Monique Ueltschy. (2009) “The Interface of Green, Lean, and Global Supply Chain Strategies: An Abstract,” Proceedings of the Midwest Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2009.

Contracts and Grants Funded

Stolze, H. (May 2014-Aug. 2014). The Communal Commuter: Employee Carpooling & Stakeholder Buy-In. Funded by Florida Department of Transportation. Total awarded $15,000.

Stolze, Hannah J (PI) (May 2013-Aug 2013). FYAP: natural Resource Scarcity: Implications for Supply Chain Management. Funded by FSU CRC. (None). Total award: $20,000.


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