Biblical Archaeology


Biblical Archaeology is an integrative discipline that lies at the intersection of biblical studies, ancient languages, and the social sciences. Students in this major are trained to study the Bible within its long-term geographic, historical, cultural, and social dynamic. In addition to core courses in archaeology, history, and ancient languages (including biblical languages), the major requires participation in an approved archaeological excavation and an interdisciplinary emphasis.

The combination of these disciplines provides a strong liberal arts foundation for a variety of vocations as students will be equipped to think historically, linguistically, and archaeologically. Of particular importance for the Christian is the way in which biblical archaeology provides a foundation for biblical study. Today as never before the cultural setting of the biblical text is accessible through archaeological and linguistic discoveries in the Near East. By mooring Scripture in ancient lifeways it is possible to clarify and enliven its message while exploring its contemporary relevance.

Requirements for a major in Biblical Archaeology are 36 hours beyond the 12 hours from general education requirements (BITH 211 or 213 and Greek or Hebrew language competency), 20 hours of core requirements, including ARCH 325, 345, 365, 366, six hours of biblical studies in New Testament (BITH 451 and 452) OR Old Testament (BITH 431 and 443 or 635); six hours of electives (either ARCH 317 with 333x, or ARCH 334x with 367 or 369), four hours of capstone to include ARCH 412 (Prerequisite: ARCH 211 or 213, and ARCH 365, 366) and ARCH 494 (Prerequisite: ARCH 412), and six hours in a single interdisciplinary emphasis (300-level courses from either Anthropology/Sociology, Geology, Ancient Languages, or Theological Studies).

Requirements for a minor in Biblical Archaeology are 20 hours, including four hours from general education requirements (BITH 211 or 213), ten hours of core requirements (ARCH 365, 366, 412), and six hours of electives (selected from ARCH 317, 325, 345, 367, 369).

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