Reformation Christianity Concentration


Historical Studies

24 credit hours.

  • BITH 576 History of Christianity to 1900 (4)
  • BITH 577 Modern World Christianity (4)
  • BITH 581 The Reformation (4)
  • BITH 585 History of Christianity in North America (4)
  • BITH 677 Topics in the History of Christianity (8)

    Reformation concentration students are required to take one seminar (BITH 677) that corresponds with the Reformation concentration; one seminar must be taken from the Early or Modern concentrations.

Historical Theology

4 credit hours. Choose 2 of the following:

  • BITH 653—Historical Theology: Patristic (2)
  • BITH 654—Historical Theology: Medieval (2)
  • BITH 655—Historical Theology: Reformation (2)
  • BITH 656—Historical Theology: Modern (2)

    Concentration students are required to take BITH 655 corresponding with their concentration.

Biblical and Systematic Theology

4 credit hours.

  • BITH 525—Biblical Theology (4) or BITH 565—Christian Theology (4)

Historical Skills and Methodology

6 credit hours.

  • BITH 505—Language Reading Course (French, German, Greek or Latin) (4)
    Students not planning to pursue doctoral work may receive permission from their advisor to use these hours towards their electives.
  • BITH 683—Historiography of the History of Christianity (2)


4 credit hours. 8 credit hours if students opt out of BITH 505

  • BITH 695—Independent Study (4) in their concentrated subject, or BITH 698—Thesis (4)

Degree Completion

  • BITH 692—Graduate Comprehensive Exam (0)
    Students should not take exams before they have completed 32 hours of the program.


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