Ancient Language Prerequisite Tuition Rebate


The M.A. in Biblical Exegesis requires a 24-credit-hour pre-requisite/competency in Hebrew and Greek. This will be determined by transcript evaluation or by passing language competency exams at Wheaton. If you need to take one or more of the following, Greek 101, 102, 201, and/or Hebrew 301, 302, 401 a

Wheaton College, please be aware that they do not count toward the completion of the 42-credit-hour Biblical Exegesis degree.

Wheaton College provides an Ancient Language Tuition Rebate for students who take Hebrew and/or Greek pre-requisite language courses at Wheaton. This rebate, covering up to 24 credit hours, significantly reduces the overall cost for anyone who has not previously studied the biblical languages. This rebate does not cover the cost for competency exams or the cost for ancient language courses taken at another college or university.


How does this work?

A student pays the tuition cost for a language pre-requisite course the semester they register to take the class. After successfully completing the ancient language course for that semester, the rebate is applied to the tuition charges for the next semester the student enrolls. For example, if a student takes Hebrew 301, which is a 4 credit hour course, during the fall semester, the following semester a tuition rebate will be awarded for the amount paid for Hebrew 301 minus a proportion of any need-based grant (Wheaton Grant) OR any merit award (endowed scholarships).

What this means is, if you qualify for a need-based grant and/or any merit award, you will receive the full amount of grant or scholarship each semester, while the rebate will be adjusted accordingly to only cover the pre-requisite courses and not the degree required courses.

It is best to take the ancient language pre-requisite courses early in your studies. The tuition rebate is not available after completing the 42 credit hours required to earn the degree. It is also not available if a student leaves the program without completing their degree. No cash will be disbursed to students who may take an ancient language course and then decide to leave the program.

The Biblical & Theological Studies Department will notify the Financial Aid Office of the rebate amount after grades for that ancient language course have posted.

Greek/Hebrew Competency Requirements

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