Pre-Law Library

The Pre-Law Library offers resources to help pre-law students prepare for the LSAT, apply to law school, prepare for law school, and explore the many options available to law school graduates in the legal profession.


These materials supplement the various pre-law events by allowing pre-law students to further explore the law school admissions process and the legal profession on their own.

The Pre-Law Library is not housed in a single academic department, such as Politics and International Relations, to avoid sending the message that a single major is the “right” major for law school and since academic departments are not equipped to check out and track materials. The Pre-Law Library is also not segregated in the office of the Pre-Law Advisor to avoid problems of accessibility. Instead, the Pre-Law Library is primarily part of the collection at the Buswell Memorial Library to provide professional maintenance and tracking of the materials and to allow students full access during the Buswell Memorial Library’s extensive hours.

Thus, the Pre-Law Library is a “virtual” library. It is maintained as a single library through the following lists that let pre-law students know what resources are available and their location:

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