Personal Statement - Example No. 4


Class of 2004

Much of the law relates to people and their dealings with each other. Working with people and helping them solve problems and achieve goals is something I enjoy doing. Over the years, I have participated in many activities that involve helping people. I was a counselor at my church day camp for two weeks each summer for eight summers. In each of the summers of 200X and 200Y, I went on a two-week music mission’s trip to Spain. I am also a Teacher’s Assistant this year and was one last year. Lastly, I had an internship this past summer at Standard & Poor’s.

For eight summers, I was a day camp counselor at my church for two weeks each year. It was always one of the highlights of my summer. The campers ranged in age from six to twelve, and I enjoyed leading them, teaching them, and helping them to work together as a team. For six hours a day, they became my children. As a counselor, I also worked with the other counselors and the adults involved with organizing the camp. As much as I was able to help them, I also had the opportunity to learn from them.

In each of the summers of 200X and 200Y, I spent two weeks as a lead singer on a music mission’s trip to Spain. Officials from towns outside Barcelona asked my church to send a music group for a two-week trip, the purpose of which was to perform in the town squares and meet and interact with the people there. The goal of the municipalities was to encourage the local churches and expose the people to American culture. On my first trip there, I met a little girl. When I returned in 200Y, she came to the first concert we had and invited me to lunch with her family the next day. None of them spoke English and I did not speak any Spanish, yet we connected and had a wonderful time. We still e-mail each other every other week. In addition, the members of the band came from extremely diverse backgrounds. It was a great combination of white-collar and blue collar, young and old, people who were professional musicians and people who were not. I had the opportunity to interact with each person and work together with them.

As a Teachers Assistant, I hold study session, grade homework and quizzes, and keep track of students’ grades. During the 200Y-200Z school year, I was a Teacher’s Assistant for Introduction to Microeconomics and Introduction to Macroeconomics. This year, I am the Teachers Assistant for Business Statistics. The study sessions are my favorite part of the job. They allow me to work more closely with the students in class and allow me to help them. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone understand a difficult concept.

This past summer, I was an intern with Standard & Poor’s in Securities Services. I researched companies, financial markets, and international accounting standards, and I created a database to organize the information. As I performed my different responsibilities, I interacted with people at many different levels. I worked closely with my supervisors, with their managers, and with the other interns. As a result, I developed my ability to work as part of a team towards a common goal.

Because so much of the law relates to people and their dealings with each other, it is crucial to understand people and be able to work with them. Through my experiences, I have had the opportunity to interact with many different types of people. As a lawyer, I will be able to use my experiences to help people solve problems and achieve goals.

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