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Pre-Health Professions

The Health Professions Program provides resources for pre-health professions students to guide their pre-professional formation and preparation and to enhance their pre-professional development.



Wheaton College maintains an office dedicated to providing support services for pre-health professions students. The Health Professions Director provides one-on-one advising for all interested pre-health professions students. A credit-bearing course, Health Professions Seminar/Internship (Science 229), is offered to aid students with career exploration, discussion surrounding relevant healthcare topics and participation in a forty-hour internship. The Liberal Arts/Nursing (LA/N) major is administered by Health Professions.

For further information about the program consult the Wheaton College On-line Catalog

Pre-Professional Advising

Students are encouraged to initiate a visit with the Health Professions Director early in their undergraduate career. The initial appointment begins the journey of career exploration and the determination of possible pre-professional pathways. With self-assessment, students can consider whether they are well-suited for and whether their interests lie in a health profession which is related to diagnosing and treating (physician, podiatrist, dentist, nurse practitioner); an associated field (nurse, pharmacist, dietician, genetic counselor); a rehabilitating profession (audiologist, physical therapist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist); an administrative field (healthcare manager, hospital public relations, or medical information officer); or an affiliated field, one that is independent but related to health care (biomedical engineer, biostatistician, social worker or epidemiologist). The objective is to provide the resources for students to be able to make informed and wise decisions regarding their pre-professional pathway.

To help students with the application process for admission to health professions schools, the following resources are offered:

  • Application and Interviewing Workshops and Mock Interviews 
  • Campus visits from Admissions Officers of the health professions schools
  • Resources on career choice, schools, and admissions requirements
  • Opportunities for students to investigate the health profession of choice
  • Letter Collection Service during the application cycle

Contact Information

Pre-Health Professions Program
Ms. Candice Eisenhauer, Director
Science Center - Room 104
Phone: (630) 752-5193
Fax: (630) 752-7611

For general inquiries regarding pre-health professions at Wheaton College, please send email correspondence to:

Prospective Students: For more information regarding Wheaton College, or to set-up an appointment with the Health Professions Director during your campus visit, please contact the Office of Admissions at (630) 752-5011.


Header Photo - L to R: Leah Watson, Phoebe Wilson, Gena Dickow, Ali Offerdahl, Kayla Witcik. Kayla writes, "This photo captures the first day in the hospital as our team began our medical internship experience at Hospitals of Hope in Cochabamba, Bolivia (Summer 2013)." 

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