Psychology and Spirituality Research Lab


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ward Davis

Dr. Ward Davis directs the Psychology and Spirituality Research Lab (PSRL), which is a research team in the Psychology Department at Wheaton College. PSRL is comprised of Wheaton graduate and undergraduate psychology students. The mission of PSRL is to advance the scientific study of spirituality to promote health and well-being. At PSRL our research and resources focus on the intersections between psychology and spirituality, with an emphasis on Christian spirituality. Our activities primarily include: (a) writing scholarly articles and book chapters; (b) conducting original research and disseminating our findings; and (c) offering downloadable resources for use by scholars, scientists, practitioners, and leaders, as well as the interested public. The titles of some of our current projects include:

  • “Religious and Spiritual Struggles Among Students at Christian Colleges and Universities” (Mark Sanders)
  • “Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Church-Based Psychoeducational Curriculum on Spiritual and Psychological Outcomes (Andrew Magers)
  • “Body Sanctification and Bodily Experiences: Exploring Correlates with Psychological, Spiritual, and Social Well-Being” (Lance Hays)
  • “A Church-Based Humility Intervention Study” (Andrew Cuthbert)
  • “Exploring the Forgiveness Process in Children: A Literature Review and Case Study”
  • “Evidence-Based Recommendations for the Assessment of God Representations”
  • “God Image Narrative Therapy: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of a Controlled Group-Based Spiritual Intervention”
  • “Using Qualitative and Mixed Methods to Advance Scientific Knowledge of Relational Spirituality”
  • “A Clinical Validation Study of the Brief Religious and Spiritual Struggles Scale”
  • “Attachment and God Image: An Integration of Christian Anthropology and Interpersonal Neurobiology”


If you are interested in the scientific study of Christian spirituality, attracted to the scholarly and clinical integration of psychology and spirituality, or intrigued by how the study of psychology can help the Church, then the Psychology and Spirituality Research Lab may be a great fit for you.

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