La Voz de Esperanza Lab


La Voz de Esperanza

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kelly S. Flanagan

La Voz de Esperanza partners with Escuela Integrada in Antigua, Guatemala.  Escuela Integrada is a non-profit school providing services and hope to marginalized children and their families in this society. Our research focuses on processes of risk and resilience that contribute to adaptive and maladaptive youth development. We seek to build a cross-cultural understanding of these processes with activities that correspond to the service orientation of the graduate programs’ mission statements to prepare professionals to serve underserved populations across the world.

Vision for 2011-2012

The specific objectives of members of this research group include the following:

  1. Cultivate a broad understanding of psychological issues relevant to Guatemalan children and adolescents through weekly readings and discussions. Topics include peer victimization, racial discrimination, school support of trauma, developmental coping strategies, hope and spirituality.
  2. Participate in a focused coding team in which students will further develop expertise in an area of research.
  3. Develop data entry and analysis skills for both quantitative and qualitative research.
  4. Collaborate with other students on professional presentations, and prepare feedback for our partner school in Guatemala.

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