Dissertation 2013


From Surviving To Thriving: Burnout and Healthy Practices in Religious Human Service Providers Working in Under-Served Contexts
Iryna Arute (2013)

Helping Behavior, Resource Loss, and PTSD in Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
Kevin Coleman (2013)

Clergy-Psychologist Collaboration in the Aftermath of Technical Disasters: Lessons Learned from the Upper Big Branch Mine Explosion
Joy Beth Curtis (2013)

Across the Continuum of Care: Neurocognitive Profiles that Influence Where Older Adults Live
Abby Everaerts (2013)

Evangelical Fathers: Gender Role Ideologies and Parental Involvement
Lindsay Fikkert (2013)

Sabbath for those who serve: An examination of the practices and perceptions of the Sabbath for people of faith serving in under-resourced contexts
Aaron Fisher (2013)

Men's Stories of Unwanted Sexual and Pornography Experiences: A Qualitative Analysis
Stephanie Griffith (2013)

Factors Related to Quality of Relationship Between College-Aged Students and Their Parents
Maria Gruppen (2013)

Cohabitation Effect among Hispanic Couples: An Appraisal of Relationship Education Program
The Relationship of Executive Functioning and Adaptive Skills in Prader-Willi Syndrome
Patrick Hall (2013)

Wonderful Counselor? An Exploratory Study of Religious Coping Methods and Self Stigma Towards Seeking Psychological Help Among Christian College Students
Kathleen Hayden (2013)

Loss, Coping, and Trauma in Hurricane Katrina Survivors of Southern Mississippi: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Resource Loss, Meaning Making, and Posttraumatic Stress
William Haynes (2013)

Pregnancy-Related Depression and Maternal-Child Health: A Comparison of Prenatal Care Formats
Kathryn McLean (2013)

Guatemalan Indigenous Youth: Experiences of Ethnic Discrimination and its Impact
Heather Mitchell (2013)

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