2012 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Attachment Narratives in Residential Care: A Qualitative Analysis
Robert Adams (2012)

Cyber Victimization and Bullying Assessment (CVBA): Validating a New Measure for a New Form of Aggression Among a College Sample
Kendra Battaglia (2012)

Family Resilience in Christian Cambodian American Ex-Refugee Families: A Qualitative Study
Megan Brown (2012)

Correlates of Cognitive Status and Psychological Well-Being, Over Time, in Low-Income, Community-Dwelling, Older Adults
Justin Charles (2012)

The Relationship Between Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Adolescent Spirituality
Anthony Fryling (2012)

Psychological Flexibility, Symptoms and Quality of Life: A Preliminary Investigation of Process and Outcomes in Contextually-Modified Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Abby Hurley (2012)

The Impact of Acculturation on Marital Satisfaction and Conflict Resolution in Hispanic Couples
Karen Hurula (2012)

Intimate Partner Violence Prevalence and Relationship Satisfaction Among Hispanic Couples in a Sample of Relationship Education Program Attendees
Rachel Jensen (2012)

Expanding Thirdness: A new perspective for the integration of psychology and theology
Virginia Murphy Penry (2012)

The Impact of Family Bridges Love U2 Curriculum on Adolescents' Attitudes Toward Romantic Relationships
Genalin Niere (2012)

The Efficacy of a Community-Based Approach in Alleviating Mental Health Symptoms in Iraq Combat Veterans
Laura Shultz (2012)

Gender Differences in Adolescent Coping with Peer Victimization Experiences
Keelah Voll (2012)

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