2011 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate

The Impact of Social Support on Marital Resiliency
Angela Allen-Peck (2011)

Spirituality and Peer Victimization in Early Adolescence: Associations Within a Developmental Systems Framework
J. Carrick Carter (2011)

Understanding Wellness Among African American Christian College Students: A Needs Assessment for the Wheaton College Counseling Center
Cara Coleman (2011)

Do Christian Fundamentalism and Dogmatism Relate to Differences in Humor?
Jason Dunn (2011)

Marital Disillusionment Across the Family Lifecycle
Timothy Gruppen (2011)

The Christian Spiritual Discipline of Solitude: Measurement and Exploration
David Hoover (2011)

An examination of the relationship between burnout and self-care practices in healthcare providers serving in poor and underserved contexts
John Koh (2011)

Centering Pregnancy: A Combined Quantitative and Qualitative Appraisal of Women's Experiences of Depression and Anxiety during Group Prenatal Care
Erica Lehman (2011)

Depression and Attachment Style in a Native American Population
Christopher LePage (2011)

The Impact of Social Support on Marital Resiliency
Sara Lynema (2011)

Risk and Protective Factors of Suicidal Ideation among Homeless Persons
Brian McLaughlin (2011)

The Michigan Sports Concussion Study: An Investigation into the Practice and Perceptions of Athletic Brain Injury Care, with Neuropsychological Considerations
Craig Mefford (2011)

Collegiate Athlete Body Image Discrepancy and Coping
Brittany Mershon (2011)

Faith in Practice: Early Adolescents' Utilization of Spirituality to Cope with Daily Stressors
Sarah Muench (2011)

A Program Evaluation: Joshua Generation and the Perceived Impact on Korean American Adolescents
Jessica Pae (2011)

The Association Between Neuropsychological Functioning and Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease
Caleb Peck (2011)

An Exploration of the Unique and Combined Impact of Peer and Parental Relationship Quality on Social Competence in Early Adolescence
Dan Post (2011)

Psychometric Properties of Riemenschneider's Geriatric Depression Scale (RGDS)
Stephen Roeckeman (2011)

An Archival, Descriptive, and Exploratory Study of Mothers of Sexually Abused Children
Cheryl Wooten (2011)

Exploration of Breaved Adolescents' Use of Coping with Loss of a Family Member
J. Brooke Wright (2011)

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