2010 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Recognition and Surrender in Marriage: Illuminating the Christian Marriage Debate Through a Relational Psychoanalytic Lens
Lauren Axton Brereton (2010)

Emerging Adults' Perceptions of Parental Involvement During College Years
Kim Baldwin (2010)

The Effectiveness of Art Therapy in Reducing Symptoms of Trauma, Anxiety, and Stress: A Meta-Analysis
Emily Campbell (2010)

Holistic Ministry and health Promotion in U.S. Protestant Churches: An Exploratory Analysis
Joshua Essery (2010)

Latino Church Leaders' Conceptualization of Mental Health/Illness
Jonathan Gorham (2010)

The Effectiveness of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with Severly Emotionally Disturbed and Autistic Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis
Larisha Graves (2010)

Women's Development of Voice in an Evangelical College: The Role of Relationships in Fostering Identity
Ariel Juberg (2010)

A Program Evaluation of a Church-Based Lay Counseling Ministry
Jane Jung (2010)

Positive Coping Practices among Wives of Male Christian Clergy: Translating Qualitative Findings for a Lay Audience
Sarah Kerrick (2010)

The Use of iPods to Enhance Patient Education and the Delivery of Treatment Recommendations for Depression within an Underserved Primary Care Setting
Danielle King (2010)

Forgiveness in Mother-Daughter Relationships: Turning points in the interpersonal dance
Beverlee Ludema (2010)

Relational Psychoanalysis and a Theology of Idolatry
David Marx (2010)

The Church's Response to Needs of Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children/Adolescents and their Families
Denise Olson (2010)

Increasing Internal Locus of Control as a Method to Reduce Early Sexual Behaviors Among African-American Adolescent Females
Natalie Pamphile (2010)

Impact of a Horticultural Therapy Program On the Well-Being of Low-Income Community Dwelling Older Adults
Pamela Perkins (2010)

Exploring the Relationship Between Successful Missionary Work of Unmarried Missionaries and MMPI-2 Profiles
Jeff Rommel (2010)

One-to-One Mentoring Initiative: Mentoring Outcomes in Context
Kelly Swatzell (2010)

Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of an Emerging Adult Version of the Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI)
David Tubman (2010)

Contemporary Fatherhood: Perspectives of Christian Men
Kristen Wright (2010)

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