2009 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Empathy and Prosocial Behavior among Students without Disabilities Attending an Inclusion School
Giovanni Billings (2009)

Program Evaluation of the Oakstone Challenge: Adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome Developing Social Competence within Community
Amanda Blackburn (2009)

Predictors of Cognitive Status and Psychological Well-Being in Low-Income Community Dwelling Older Adults
Serina Chan Hsu (2009)

The Effects of Viewing "The Color of Fear" on Racial Attitudes: An Examination of an Intervention for Decreasing Racial Prejudice
Alicia Meyer (2009)

The Salience of Cultural Values and Religiosity in Help-Seeking of Asian Indian Christians residing in the United States
Elizabeth Philip (2009)

Attachment and Internet Relationships
Eva Ponder (2009)

Exploring Sources of Teacher Stress in Head Start
Andrea Reffett (2009)

Forgiveness in Early Adolescence: Coping and Conceptualization
Holly Reich (2009)

Voice in the Mother Daughter Relationship: A renegotiation of bicultural identity in Mexican American women
Janeil Ruiz (2009)

Cultural Differences in Maternal Socialization Goals: A Study of Anglo-American Evangelical Mothers
Lisa Sandlund (2009)

The Effects of Sexual Activity and Intrinsic Religious Orientation on Emotional Distress among Conservative Christian College Students
Elizabeth Saylor (2009)

Natural Family Planning: The Catholic Priest's Perspective
Barbara Toohill (2009)

Exploring the Relationship between Classroom Behavior Management, Self-Efficacy and Occupational Stress of Head Start Teachers
Suzanna Zavaleta (2009)

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