2008 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Multicultural Competence Training Among Head Start Educators: Assessing a multi-method approach towards increasing multicultural competence among a group of Head Start educators
Ryan Baker (2008)

An Investigation of Changes in Soldier's Mental Health Symptoms after Deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan and Changes in Symptoms Prior to Deploying Again
Susan Duma (2008)

The Impact of Race and Religion/Spirituality on Training Director Perceptions of Internship Applicants
Jennifer Dyson (2008)

The Value of Relationship in Long-Term Care: An Exploratory Study
Cynthia Fitzsimmons (2008)

Pornography and the church: An exploratory study of the impact of Internet pornography use and what churches are doing to minister to those who view sexually explicit material on the internet
Joshua Lefler (2008)

The Decision and Rewards of Practicing Psychology in a Rural Area
Megan Oetinger (2008)

Not the Way It's Supposed To Be: Reflections on th eProcess of Disillusionment of Marriage
Brian Post (2008)

Urban and Rural Clergy Perceptions of Social Support
Steven Runner (2008)

Rural Communities and Mental Health Care
Natalie Sandbulte (2008)

The Integration of Psychology and Theology: Exploring Attitudes, Training, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration within the Academic Setting
Graeme Saruk (2008)

A Study of Religious Beliefs, Minority Status, and Applicant Evaluations In Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs
Rachel Suntay Zahn (2008)

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