2007 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


The Relationship Between Masculine Gender Role Stress and Attribution of Emotions in Male and Female Target Characters
Daniel Bingham (2007)

Adolescent Attachement to Parents and Peers in Relation to Aspects of Psychological Well-being and Social Competence: A Meta-analysis
Lucas Bossard (2007)

An American Dilemma: The Interdigitation of Context and Projective Identification
Regina Brown (2007)

The Impact of Hatha Yoga Training on Teachers' Outcome Ratings of Coping and Self-Regulation Behaviors in Inner-city, At-risk, Preschoolers: A Pilot Study
Daniel Byer (2007)

The Role of Shame in Marital Functioning amongh Latino Couples
Juliet Caceres (2007)

Comparing Group Treatment Housing and General Population Housing among Incarcerated Adolescent Females
Neysa Etienne (2007)

Aggression and Affective Communication among Latino Marriages
Eiko Komuro Venovic (2007)

Barriers to the Utilization of Mental Health Services in African American Church Communities: A Qualitative and Descriptive Study of Pastors' Perceptions
Vickey Maclin (2007)

Attachment Security and the Attachment Style Profile of Adults with Binge Eating Disorder
Sharon Marshall (2007)

Chronic Childhood Trauma: Mean Differences in Diagnostic Certainty for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Christine McGrath (2007)

A Mission-Based Evaluation of a Summer Camping Program for Low-Income Youths: An Examination of Spiritual, Personal and Social Outcomes
Jennifer McKay (2007)

Examination of Proxy Methods for Estimating Cognitive Reserve in the Prediction of Memory Functioning Following Electroconvulsive Therapy
Adam Minniear (2007)

Problem Solving with Middle School Students
Deborah O'Bryan (2007)

The Relationship Between Racial Identity, and Sociocultural Beliefs About Attractiveness on the Development of Eating Disorders Among African-American Women
Karla Saruk (2007)

A Semi-Structured Therapeutic Interview and Rating Scales for the Assessment of Bereavement with Recommendations and Intervention
Annette Terry (2007)

Program Design of an Educational Seminar for pastors and Church Leaders: A Socio-Structural Model for Domestic Violence Prevention
Karla Torres (2007)

Marital Satisfaction, Spiritually-Based Resources and Attachment to God
Lora Wiens (2007)

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