2006 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Chronic Pain Management Intervention with Older Adults
Erin Baker (2006)

Examining the Construct of Sexual Addiction: Implications for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment
David Beil-Adaskin (2006)

The Influence of a Rigorous Exercise Program on Classroom Behavior and Cognitive Functioning of Children Diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Deborah Castoro (2006)

Identifying Protective and Risk Factors in Mothers of Develpmentally Disabled Children: An Assessment of their Coping Abilities and Strategies
Kimberly Cline (2006)

The Effects of a Sexuality Education Program on Parent-Child Communication
Jennifer Gorham (2006)

Perceptions of a Rape Situation in Korean Context: An Examination of the Role of Relationship and Forcefulness
Young-Eun Kim (2006)

The Development and Evaluation of an Exercise Program to Increase Well-Being of Older Adults
Malissa Kraft (2006)

Marital Status and Change Outcomes among Participants in Exodus Ministries
Alex Kwee (2006)

Identity and Moral Reasoning Among Street Girls in Bolivia
Janelle Nelson Kwee (2006)

Church-based premarital intervention program: An adaption study of PREP in a Hispanic congregation
Dennise Lawry (2006)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Meta-Analysis
Richard Lillard (2006)

Spiritual Transformation in Persons with Developmental Disabilities in l'Arche Community: Koinonia as a Vehicle for Metanoia Psychology
Miral Luka (2006)

Clergy Stress and Coping: Spiritual Maturity, Marital Satisfaction, Social Support, and Burnout among Evangelical Protestant Pastors
Christopher Mazzarella (2006)

Evaluation of a Manual on Hispanic Family-Life Education
Carlos Pinto (2006)

Effects of Wellness Education and Physical Fitness on Depression and Anxiety Among College Students
Lori Rice Pandolfo (2006)

Joining to expand faith-based mental health resources: bi-directional referral and collaboration between psychologists and the church
Nicole Steiner-Pappalardo (2006)

Tuesday's Child: The Effectiveness of a Relationship-Focused Early Intervention Program on Promoting Parental Responsiveness
Stacy Templeton Davis (2006)

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