2005 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


The Role of Psychologists on Healthcare Ethics Committees
Todd Burnett (2005)

An Evaluation of the Recovery Program at the EFCH
Jeremy Haskell (2005)

Overcoming Church Splits: Insights from Leaders Who Have Survived Transition
Edward Heard (2005)

The Development of the Therapeutic Allicance with Child Clients: The Key Components of a Successful Relationship
Cassie Hornbeck (2005)

Mortal Heros of the Day: A Needs Assessment in an Urban Fire Department
Mahinder Kaur (2005)

The Effect of Acculturation and Gender on Marital Distress
Alicia La Hoz (2005)

Impact of Core and Balance Leisure Activities on Family Cohesion and Adaptability
Julie Lee (2005)

Mental Health Needs and Resources of Korean Wives of American Servicemen
Anne Maurina (2005)

The Least of These: A Church-based Curriculum Designed to Promote Awareness, Education and Recruitment for Foster Care Families
Roselynn Miller (2005)

Community-Based Care in Ukraine: A Pastoral Training Program
Vitaliy Voytenko (2005)

Analyzing Attitudes as Predictors of Sexual Abstinence Among Adolescence
David Weidner (2005)

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