2004 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Burnout, Existential Meaning and Hope in Health Professionals
John Charrier, III (2004)

Adventures in Parenting: A Comparison of Child-directed Parental Affect & Interest during an Adventure-based Activity and a Typical Family Activity
Brian Haworth (2004)

Exploring Religious Experience: Spiritual Development During Attempted Sexual Orientation Change
Heather Hostler (2004)

Perception of Psychological Distress of Chinese American Christians by Leaders of one Urban Chinese American Church
Jane Mann (2004)

The Interaction of Financial Problems and Psychological Health in Rural Communities
Kevin Novotny (2004)

Teachers as Mandated Reporters: The Impact of Culture, Ethnicity, and Training on Definitions and Reporting of Physical Child Abuse
Ozella Phillips (2004)

An Analysis of the Construct of Role Overload in Farm Women
Ruth Provost (2004)

God in the Hands of Angry Sinners: A Theoretical Exploration of Diagnosis and Treatment of Anger Toward God in North American Protestant Evangelical Christians
Michael Ramey (2004)

Training Supervisors and Supervisor Factors Associated With Positive Supervision Outcomes
Justin Smith (2004)

An Examination of the Relationship Between Religiosity and Depression and Suicide for Low-Income Urban African American Adolescents
Christopher Summers (2004)

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