2003 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Therapists Say Goodbye: An Exploration of Therapeutic Termination from the Perspective of the Therapist
Leslie Bissell (2003)

Marital Satisfaction at the Empty Nest Phase of the Family Life Cycle
Julie Burnett (2003)

Measuring the efficacy of a psycho-educational workshop format for improving stepfamily marital satisfaction
John DeRuyter (2003)

Integration of Psychodynamic Psychotherapies with the Latino Population
Nancy Duarte-Gomez (2003)

Toward Crisis or Communion: Questioning Psychological Distress in Religiously Mediated Change
Jon Ebert (2003)

The Prevalence of Learning Disability Among Deaf Youth: A Descriptive & Comparative Study
Murdock Henderson (2003)

Culture and Psychology: Understanding Indian Culture and Its Implications for Multicultural Psychology
Thomas Kulanjiyil (2003)

Single-subject experimental design using Melodic Intonation Therapy with an elderly Hispanic: a case study
Juan Lastra (2003)

Psychology Serving the Chinese Church: Development of a Support Group for Chinese Christian Women
Shiu-Ting Lee (2003)

A Program Evaluation: Partial Hospitalization Day Program at the Meir Clinic, Wheaton, IL
Matthew McDonald (2003)

The Impact of Religious Commitment on Coping Effectiveness & Adjustment of Inner-City Minority Adolescents
Katharine Meese Putman (2003)

Attachment Style of Pregnant & Parenting Adolescents and Its Impact on Utilization of Community Services
Rebecca Preussler (2003)

Psychosocial Needs and Resources of Korean Children in Christian Homes
Eunnie Rhee (2003)

A proposal to explore discipleship as a more transcendant model of supervision
Jose Sierra (2003)

The Marital Success Development Inventory: An Effectiveness Study
Diane Starkenburg (2003)

Community-based treatment of pregnant & parenting adolescents: Predictors of program completion
Gayle Suess (2003)

The Relationship Between Midlife Parent's Well-Being and Expectations for Their Emerging Adult Children
Christopher Watson (2003)

Farm Resource Center Clinical Assessment: A Symptom Checklist for Rural Adults in the Midwestern United States
Jason Wise (2003)

Bereavement Interventions: A Meta-analysis
Joan Wise (2003)

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