2002 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Interactive Systemic Approach: An Expansion of the Biopsychosocial Model
Steven Ater (2002)

The Effects of College Selectivity on Student Depression
Elizabeth Charrier (2002)

A Qualitative Survey of Current Practices in Missionary Candidate Assessment
Roberta Chira (2002)

Towards a Holistic Understanding of Sexual Orientation
Jeffery Eckert (2002)

The Relationship of Race to the Therapeutic Alliance
Linda Lake (2002)

The Effect of Moral Obligation, Attitude, & Social Norms on Sexual Decision-making in Older Adolescents at 3 U.S. Colleges: An Archival Multivariate Investigation of the Fishbein-Ajzen Model of Behavioral Intention
John Laskowski (2002)

Validation study of the Attention Deficit Scale for Adults in diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Ralph McBee (2002)

A Program Evaluation of Marble Retreat:A Psychotherapy Program for Clergy in Crisis
Jo Ann Nishimoto (2002)

Where Does the Pastor Go?: Pastoral Burnout & the Role of Social Support
Nicholas Placido (2002)

Program Evaluation: Exploratory Investigation of the Problem of Client Attrition at Outreach Community Center
Jana Pressley (2002)

Personality Characteristics of Church Staff Section Leaders
Michael Ronsisvalle (2002)

Psychologist-clergy collaboration: An evaluation of consultation services offered by Catholic Social Services of Lincoln, Nebraska
James Ryan (2002)

Social and cultural correlates of domestic violence in rural communities
Robert Sidell (2002)

A Program Evaluation: The Partial Hospitalization Mental Health Program for Older Adults at Central DuPage Hospital,IL
Erez Soref (2002)

Effect of the Prepare Curriculum on the Social Competency of Children in Residential Treatment
Stephen Tate (2002)

Effectiveness of the Heartside Counseling Consortium: Does the Therapeutic Relationship Offer Hope in the Inner-city?
David Thornsen (2002)

Psychological Assessments & Collaboration in Service of the Church: a Collaborative Study Using the Multi-method Church Asmt.
Heidi Vermeer Quist (2002)

A voice in the wilderness: A needs assessment of a developing rural community
Krysta Winters (2002)

Elizabeth Charrier (2002)Roberta Chira (2002)Jeffery Eckert (2002)Linda Lake (2002)John Laskowski (2002)Ralph McBee (2002)Jo Ann Nishimoto (2002)Nicholas Placido (2002)Jana Pressley (2002)Michael Ronsisvalle (2002)James Ryan (2002)Robert Sidell (2002)Erez Soref (2002)Stephen Tate (2002)David Thornsen (2002)Heidi Vermeer Quist (2002)Krysta Winters (2002)

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