2001 Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Understanding the Influence of Social Support and the Perception of Conflict in the Experience of Pastoral Burnout
Craig Brower (2001)

Women Prison Inmates: A Psychosocial Needs Assessment
Virginia Cantore (2001)

Psychology Serving the Church Through Assessment: Development of the Multimethod Church Assessment Process
Amy Dominguez (2001)

Macoumere: The Social Ecology of a Trinidadian Community from the Perspective of Women
Dianne Douglas (2001)

God as a Haven of Safety in Late Adolescence: A Study in Attachment to God
Kimberly Eckert (2001)

Mental Health Needs Faced by Religious Leaders in Eastern Europe: Assessment and Implications
Brent Ellens (2001)

Contributions from the writings of George MacDonald to a Christian understanding of the true self
Robert Guibord, Jr. (2001)

A Validation Study of the Cognitive Performance Test
MaryLee Jennings (2001)

Coping with Multiple Sclerosis: Exploring Issues of Faith and Meaning
Andrea Johnson Yost (2001)

A Qualitative Study of Appraisal and Coping: Hondurans Rebuild after Hurricane Mitch
Joann McCain (2001)

The Relationship Between Faith Maturity and Psychological Well-being
David NieKamp (2001)

An Exploratory Study of Counterresistance in the Treatment of Borderline Clients
Keena Peek (2001)

Psychologists' Interest in Working with Death Row Inmates: An Exploratory Study
Peter Schulz (2001)

A history of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies: 1954 - 1978
Neftali Serrano (2001)

Deciding about Decisional-capacity: An Investigation into the Use of a Brief Cognitive Measure to Assist Healthcare Providers in Making Informed Decisions
Jerry Spriggs (2001)

The Question of Truth: A turn of the century consideration of psychology-theology integration
Rachel Ward (2001)

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