2000 and earlier Clinical Dissertations by Graduate


Reciprocity in the Therapeutic Relationship
Ann Adkins (2000)

Spanning the Chasm: Overcoming the Lack of Trust Between Psychologists and Clergy
Daniel Aikins (2000)

The Impact of Religious Orientation upon Distress, Coping, and Well-Functioning of Professional Psychologists
Paul Case (2000)

The "Self in Relation": Implications for the Women's Voice
Victoria Creighton Case (2000)

Incremental Utility of Adding the Rorschach to MMPI-2 Therapeutic Feedback
Michael Gillis (2000)

Marital Satisfaction at the Launching Phase of the Family Life Cycle
Matthew Hardy (2000)

The Verbal-Performance Discrepancy in the Weschler Intelligence Testing of Native American Populations: A Review & Critique
Carl Kittleson (2000)

Interventions Promoting Social Competency in Children & Adolescents: A Meta-analysis
Tracy Lee (2000)

Apart from Revelation: The Separation of Psychology & Theology at Princeton College, 1868-1903
Bryan Maier (2000)

Procedural Development &Iinvestigation of a Homework-based Problem-solving Curriculum for Parents & Children
Michele McBee (2000)

Traditional Gender Role Endorsement, Faith Maturity and Eating Disorders
Margaret Nagib (2000)

Fine-tuning the Geriatric Depression Scale: Thurstone Scaling of Test and Experimental Items
Lisa Riemenschneider (2000)

Shame, Guilt, and Psychopathology in Specific Korean Contexts
Sang Roh (2000)

An Analysis of Low-and Middle-income,Urban, African-American Parents' Perceptions of an Interpersonal, Cognitive Problem-solving Intervention
Stephanie Smeir (2000)

Character & Skill Development in Training Psychotherapists Utilizing the Spiritual Disciplines of Solitude & Silence
Jeffrey VanMeter (2000)

Predicting Symptom Reduction in a Day-treatment Program
Brant VanOrman (2000)

Values Affecting Collaboration Among Psychologists and Clergy
Timothy Chaddock (1999)

Perceived Roles and Measures of Well-Being Among Missionary Women
Nancy Crawford (1999)

Spiritual Directors & Clinical Psychologists: A Comparison of Mental Health & Spiritual Values
Nicholas Howard (1999)

The Essence of Creativity: Toward an Understanding of God and Persons, an Intergrative Model
David Jacobsen (1999)

Investigating Practitioners' Perceptions of the Rewards & Barriers in Work with Underserved Populations
Sandra Johnston Kruse (1999)

Mental Illness in the Homeless: A Meta-analytic Review
Thomas Knudsen (1999)

The Development of the Discharge Readiness Checklist-Revised: A Functional Assessment Instrument for Children in Residential and Foster Care Treatment
Philip Monroe (1999)

Project SOAR (Summer Opportunities for Advancement in Research): A Program Evaluation
Edwin Oliver (1999)

Empirically Validated Treatment Procedures: An Investigation of Current Levels of Knowledge, Training, & Practice
Concordia Valentini (1999)

Reliability and Validity Screening for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Thomas Bishop (1998)

The Effects of Religious Coping on Functioning by Parents of Children with Spina Bifida
Kenneth Davison (1998)

Psychometric Properties of the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory in an Inpatient Sample of Adolescents
Jeffrey Figgatt (1998)

Wundt & Watson's Vision for Psychology: Implications for the Development of Professional Training Models
Claudia Haas (1998)

Predicting Life Transition Appraisal in Mid-life Fathers: Regression vs. a Neural Network Analysis
David Hamilton (1998)

Empirical Validation of MCMI-III Scale for Major Depression
Ryan Jaarsma (1998)

The Relationship Between Acculturation & Perceived Family Environment in Asian American College Students
Erica Liu Wollin (1998)

The "Slippery Slope" - Fact or Fiction: A Survey of Ethical Beliefs and Practices of Clinical Psychologists
Barrett McRay (1998)

Ethics Training in Graduate School:Preparing Students to Deal with Experiences of Sexual Attraction
Katheryn Meek (1998)

The Mourning of Illusion as a Connection Between Mental Health and Spiritual Maturity
Rachel Roeglin (1998)

An Evaluation of Devotional Meditation & Stretch-based Relaxation in the Management of Stress in Adult Children of Hypertensive Parents
Patrick Schonbachler (1998)

Examining the Plausibility for an Analogy for Residential Staff Interactions
Shelley Sysum (1998)

Characteristics & Attitudes of Volunteer Lay Workers at a Camp for Abused & Neglected Children
Melissa VanOrman (1998)

The "Multimedia Rorschach Trainer": Development & Field Testing of a Computer-assisted Training Program
John Scanish (1997)

When Clinical Psychologists Work with Older Adults: A Survey of Ethical Beliefs & Practices
Mark Yarhouse (1997)

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