M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Requirements


The M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is comprised of 60 credit hours divided into three different sections: Core Courses (45 credit hours), Graduate Counseling Practicum and Internship (9 credit hours), Theological Studies (6 credit hours).

Degree Requirements (60 credit hours)

Some students take more than 60 hours to meet a particular state's requirements for licensure.

Core Courses (45)

CMHC 611 Foundations of Integration I (1)
CMHC 612 Foundations of Integration II (1)
CMHC 613 Foundations of Integration III (1)
CMHC 614 Group Counseling (2)
CMHC 614L Group Counseling Lab (1)
CMHC 618 Research Design and Program Evaluation (3)
CMHC 621 Counseling Skills and Techniques (2)
CMHC 621L Basic Counseling Skills Lab (1)
CMHC 622 Clinical Counseling Theories and Practice I (3)
CMHC 623 Clinical Counseling Theories and Practice II (3)
CMHC 624 Issues and Ethics in Professional Practice (3)
CMHC 631 Lifespan Development (3)
CMHC 632 Crisis and Community Counseling (3)
CMHC 636 Family Systems Theory and Counseling (3)
CMHC 641 Assessment in Counseling (3)
CMHC 642 Psychopathology: Biological and Sociocultural Foundations (3)
CMHC 649 Multicultural Issues and Social Advocacy in Counseling (3)
CMHC 651 Subsance Abuse and Addictions (3)
CMHC 653 Lifestyle and Career Development (3)


Graduate Counseling Practicum and Internship (9)

CMHC 692 Graduate Counseling Practicum (3)
CMHC 696 Graduate Internship – (two semesters) (3/semester)


Theological Studies Requirement (TSR) (6)

BITH 561 Theological Anthropology (2)
Choose one:
BITH 565 Christian Theology (4)
BITH 566 Foundations for Biblical Interpretation (4)
BITH 576 History of Christianity to 1900 (4)


Comprehensive Exit Examination

All students are required to pass a comprehensive exit examination to satisfy graduation requirements. Please see the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student Handbook for details.

CMHC 691 Comprehensive Exit Examination (0)


Additional Courses

The following list of courses are available for the students of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program to enroll in. These courses may not be eligible for financial aid. Please consult with a financial aid advisor to make that determination.

CMHC 625 Advanced Psychodynamic Psychology (3)
CMHC 633 Couples Counseling (3)
CMHC 644 Child and Adolescent Interventions (3)
CMHC 647 Foundations of Play Therapy (3)
CMHC 661 Spiritual Direction and Care of the Soul (3)
CMHC 695 Independent Study (1)
PSYC 838 Advanced Marital and Family Therapy (3)
PSYC 849 Sexuality and Sex Therapy (3)
PSYC 893 Seminar: Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology (several sections, each a different topic) (1)

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