Commitment to Diversity & Justice


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Mission of Diversity and Justice Committee

The PsyD Program at Wheaton College is committed to promoting and sustaining an institutional culture that celebrates the full diversity of God’s people unified in Christ by:

  1. Increasing student, faculty, and staff engagement with persons across identities based on class, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, physical abilities and disabilities; and
  2. Developing and supporting initiatives that are aligned with the graduate program’s goal to train students to pursue excellence in scholarship and clinical services – particularly to communities and persons who have been traditionally marginalized and unjustly treated in our global society.

The PsyD Program seeks to intentionally nurture a culturally diverse student and faculty body that reflects the global communities we strive to serve. This underscores the requirement for students to work with a diverse client population in various practicum-training sites.  In addition, the core graduate faculty is engaged in scholarship and clinical practice that help broaden students’ understanding of and service in underserved communities. Prospective students are highly encouraged to contact the Faculty Chairs and student representatives of the Diversity and Justice Committee. They would be delighted to talk with you by phone or to meet with you in person.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Recruitment and mentorship of students and faculty who belong to historically underrepresented groups in the PsyD program;
  2. Promote awareness, advocacy, and programmatic accountability [e1] on issues of diversity in clinical research and practice that are integrated into the broader PsyD curriculum and training;
  3. Strengthening of relationship between our commitment to diversity and justice, and our commitment to Christ and His kingdom; and
  4. Measuring the results of on-going diversity and justice initiative.

DJC Committee Members

  • Ezer Kang (Diversity Committee Faculty Chair)
  • Sally Schwer Canning (Diversity Committee Faculty Co-Chair)
  • Kelly Flanagan (PsyD Director)
  • Jana Pressley (PsyD Clinical Training Director)
  • Nancy Nealious (DJC Student Coordinator, Class of 2014)
  • Anjelica Jackson (PsyD Class of 2015)
  • Isaac Weaver (PsyD Class of 2015)
  • Anta Yu (PsyD Class of 2015)




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