Partime Position Available

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The Physics Department at Wheaton College is looking for an instructor to teach one introductory level lab section for the Spring 2014 semester. The course is the second semester of an algebra‐based general physics course and covers electricity and magnetism, optics, and some modern physics. A Bachelor’s degree in physics or engineering is required and a Masters or PhD in physics or engineering is strongly preferred. Experience teaching physics for pre‐health professions students is desirable. Job duties include being present at all lab sessions (Tuesday mornings, 7:30 – 10:30 AM), interacting with students during lab on a one‐on‐one level and occasionally in a mini‐lecture format, overseeing an undergraduate student teaching assistant, and attending lab practice sessions once a week with other instructors and student teaching assistants (time TBD).

Wheaton College is an evangelical Christian liberal arts college whose faculty and staff affirm a Statement of Faith and adhere to lifestyle expectations. The College complies with federal and state guidelines of nondiscrimination in employment. Women and minority applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. A letter of interest and a CV should be sent to Dr. Darren Craig, Chair of Physics, 501 College Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187 or emailed to Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Matthew McMillan awarded the Marshall Scholarship

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Matthew McMillan-REU photoThe prestigous Marshall Scholarship is awarded annually to forty American students.  Matthew is one of only six chosen from the central Midwest region.  The scholarhip provides funding for study at the graduate level in the United Kingdom for two years.  Matthew will spend next year at Cambridge studying towards the MASt in mathematics and theoretical physics in Part III of the Mathematical Tripos.  His second year will be spent studying towards the MSt in the philosphy of physics at Oxford.  Congratulations, Matthew!


Next Steps in Neutrino Physics

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On Tuesday November 17, 2013, Geralyn "Sam" Zeller from Fermilab will give a seminar on neutrino research. The seminar will be held in Rm 145 in the Meyer Science Center and is open for the public. Entrance is free.


Neutrinos are among the most abundant particles in the universe, yet there is a surprising amount of information we still do not know about them. The discovery of neutrino masses and mixing over a decade ago has raised a large number of challenging questions about neutrinos and their connections to the world we live in.

After briefly reviewing what we have learned about neutrinos so far, we will examine these open questions, explain why they are interesting, and discuss plans for answering them in future experiments.

McIntyre Lecture by Jeffrey Koperski

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Thursday, 10 Oct, there will be a McIntyre Lecture at 7pm in SCI 145 by Prof. Jeffrey Koperski, a philosopher of science at Saginaw Valley State University: Title: Divine Intervention and the Laws of Nature: Does God need Quantum Mechanics? Abstract Christians believe that God has ordained the laws of nature. At least since Leibniz, though, many theists have been uncomfortable with the view that God also occasionally breaks those laws in order to act within nature. Today, noninterventionists look for ways in which God might act without violating natural law. Most proposals involve quantum indeterminacy. In this talk, I will consider the theological, philosophical, and scientific arguments for noninterventionism to see whether God in some sense needs quantum mechanics to keep from violating the laws of nature. All are welcome to the lecture.

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