McIntyre Lecture by Jeffrey Koperski

Posted October 9, 2013 by Physics


Thursday, 10 Oct, there will be a McIntyre Lecture at 7pm in SCI 145 by Prof. Jeffrey Koperski, a philosopher of science at Saginaw Valley State University: Title: Divine Intervention and the Laws of Nature: Does God need Quantum Mechanics? Abstract Christians believe that God has ordained the laws of nature. At least since Leibniz, though, many theists have been uncomfortable with the view that God also occasionally breaks those laws in order to act within nature. Today, noninterventionists look for ways in which God might act without violating natural law. Most proposals involve quantum indeterminacy. In this talk, I will consider the theological, philosophical, and scientific arguments for noninterventionism to see whether God in some sense needs quantum mechanics to keep from violating the laws of nature. All are welcome to the lecture.

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