May 2012

Venus Transit

Posted by Observatory

Only a couple of days until Venus transits the face of the Sun. You can witness this rare event from the Wheaton College Observatory through several of our telescopes. The weather forecast looks good, and so we will be open from 4:30pm till sunset (8:27PM). This event if free for the public, and everyone is welcome, families and children included.

Observatory Closed During the Summer

Posted by Observatory

The observatory is closed for the summer. Regular opening hours will resume late August. We also will be offering a Friday night program in the Fall of 2012 for the general public with a lecture and viewing. Please check later this summer for details.


Venus Transit (June 5)

Posted by Observatory

The observatory will open for the transit of Venus over the sun on June 5. This is the last chance to see this rare event until 2117. We have several telescopes that are safe to point at the Sun and through which you can follow the transit. The transit starts at 5:04PM and is no longer visible after sunset (8:27PM). We will be open the entire time, weather permitting. Please check back for more information later.

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