John Dunlop

Graduation Year: 1969
Major(s): Physics
Current position: Physician, Bioethicist 

Please describe your life journey since you graduated from Wheaton College.

MD Johns Hopkins 1973
Internal Medicine residencies at Hopkins 1973-75.
Boarded in Internal Medicine 1976 and Geriatrics 1987
BA in Bioethics Trinity International University 2003

I have been in private practice since 1976 in Zion, Illinois.

Dorothy (Wheaton '72) and I married in 1975 and have had two sons.

We were involved in planting Lakeland EV Free Church in 1979 and that has been a major commitment over the years.

In more recent years I have been serving on the adjunct faculty at Trinity and doing writing and speaking on end of life issues. My goal is to help the Church help believers come to the end of life with a passion for God’s glory.

In what way has your Wheaton education in physics or engineering prepared you for your current (or past) job?

My years at Wheaton in Physics helped me learn how to think analytically and provided a good scientific basis for medicine. Wheaton helped me to think Biblically about issues and provided a good foundation for Christian studies.

Please describe the relationship of your Christian faith with your scientific training or career path.

The marvels of the human body teach the providence of an all wise God. The spectrum of disease teaches the depths of Adam’s fall.

Do you have any words for young students considering a physics or engineering major?

It closes few doors.

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