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Physics Department


The physics department is home to majors in both physics and engineering.

Physics is the study of the fundamental processes that take place in nature and specifically the ways that matter and energy interact in the universe. Through a combination of rigorous coursework, hands-on laboratory training, and research experience, our majors become well prepared for going on to graduate school, physics teaching, industrial careers, and a variety of other jobs that take advantage of the analytical and problem solving abilities of physicists.

Engineering is the application of physics and other sciences to solve practical problems in service to society. Wheaton’s dual degree engineering program offers students the opportunity to combine a strong Christian liberal arts background with a fully ABET accredited engineering program. Our majors graduate in a broad array of engineering disciplines including civil, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, architectural, chemical, biomedical, and environmental engineering.

The physics department also contributes to the general education of all Wheaton students by offering courses in:

  • astronomy
  • physics of music
  • and a set of courses in history and philosophy of science.

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