Philosophy Majors

There are two flavors to the Philosophy major, depending on how deep you want to go into the discipline, and what other academic interests in which you are interested.


The Integrated Philosophy Major

If you are trying to choose between the regular and integrated philosophy major, you already have a deep interest in philosophy. But your interests may also range beyond philosophy, to psychology, or theology, communications, or some other academic discipline, and you’re reluctant to drop either major area of interest. If so, the integrated philosophy major may be ideal for you. The integrated major is designed to encourage philosophical study in conjunction with some other area of academic concentration.

Students take 24 designated hours in philosophy and 16 designated hours in some companion discipline. Students opting for the integrative philosophy major also enjoy taking “bridge courses” that bring philosophy into fruitful conversation with the companion discipline. For example, students pursuing an integrated major with, say, English Literature, could take ENGL 434 (Modern Literary Theory) in addition to PHIL 447, Philosophical Hermeneutics, thereby building “a bridge” between the disciplines. Many students elect to take more than 16 hours in the companion discipline—an economical route to a double major.

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The Regular Philosophy Major

If your appetite for philosophy simply can’t be slaked by 24 hours, or if you desire to pursue graduate study in philosophy or some other discipline for which more philosophical training may be beneficial—seminary, law, for instance—then you should enroll in the 32-hour philosophy major. Either way, both the integrated as well as the 32-hour major are sufficient for “Philosophy Major” to appear on your college transcript. Finally, you are at liberty to change your mind. If you declare an integrated major, you can always switch to a 32-hour major, or vice-versa.

Please feel free to consult with any members of the philosophy department. We’d be happy to explore both the integrated and the 32-hour major to determine which is best for your career at Wheaton College.

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