Where Are They Now?


Jim Ohlson - Class of 1967

Former FBI agent, currently Executive VP, Center for Public Justice

Dr. Dean Payne - Class of 1970

Principal Professional Staff at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Russ Overby - Class of 1970


Don Baker - Class of 1970

Army Colonel working at NATO

Ruth Dameron - Class of 1971

Faculty, University of Colorado, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Dan Dean - Class of 1975

Math and Computer Science Faculty Grove City College

Dr. John Reno - Class of 1978

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

John Goetz - Class of 1979

Managing Partner and Co-CEO, Pzena Investment Management 

Rich Berg - Class of 1980

CEO, Performance Trust Capital Partners

Sharon Marshall - Class of 1985

Actuarial Consultant, Milliman and Robertson

Wendy VerHoef - Class of 1986

Consulting, Oracle’s Global Knowledge Management Group

Mark Pickering -Class of 1994

Missionary Teacher in Nigeria

Denise Hagenberg Scholtens - Class of 1997


Nathan Baum - Class of 1997

Software Design Engineer, Microsoft

Dr. Ranya Nabil Sweis - Class of 1998


Kirsten Cosand - Class of 1998

Actuarial Analyst, Chubb Insurance

Jeff Weston - Class of 1999

Software Engineer with Betzold Investment Group

Rebekah Johnson Yates - Class of 2003

Mathematics Professor, Houghton College

Andrew Barker - Class of 2003

Postdoctoral Researcher, Louisiana State University

Leigh Anne Dageford Redhage - Class of 2004


Enoch Hill - Class of 2005

Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
Ph.D. Math program at University of Minnesota

Kelly Whiting - Class of 2008

Ph.D. Statistics, Cornell University 

Tanner Roth - Class of 2008

Airforce Officer, Pilot

Dan Slye - Class of 2009

Commodities Trader

Michael DiPasquale - Class of 2009

Ph.D. Program, University of Illinois

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