Students who major in mathematics complete a core of mathematics and supporting courses that include Calculus II, Linear Algebra, Modern Algebra, Analysis, Historical Foundations, Physics, and Computer Science. Majors select at least three additional elective courses in mathematics from Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Analysis II, Modern Algebra II, Math Modeling, Discrete Mathematics, as well as from other math course options.


The mathematics curriculum aims to:

  • present the basic concepts and methods of modern mathematics
  • develop the student's ability to think critically, analytically, logically, and using axiomatic methods, and
  • apply these ideas to other disciplines

This major provides mathematical background for:

  • graduate study in a mathematical discipline
  • a career in an area using mathematics such as engineering, economics, statistics, or actuarial science, and
  • secondary school mathematics teacher certification.

Typical Four Year Course Plan:




  • Math 232 Calculus II
  • Math 232 Calculus II
  • Computer Science 235 or 240
  • Math 245 Linear Algebra
  • Physics 231
  • Math 341 Modern Algebra
  • Math 331 Vector Calculus
  • Math 351 Analysis
  • Math Elective (4 hr. credit)
  • Applied Math Elective (4 hr. credit)
  • Math Elective (4 hr. credit)
  • Senior Math 494 Philosophy and
  • Foundations of Mathematics

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