Missions in Applied Math


The Missions in Applied Math trip is for math and applied math majors who are interested in applying their degree towards addressing world problems within the context of redemptive ministry. The applied math major aims to bring solid mathematical expertise to bear upon those world issues that require both interdisciplinary knowledge and an informed Christian perspective. Consequently, the main motivation for the major is to facilitate a Christian response to current problems including energy and environment, epidemiology and health, hydrology and agriculture, population and economics by a thorough program of math and science that is integrally and explicitly related to witness and ministry.


The department of Mathematics and Computer Science works with collaborators in Ethiopia, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, and in the U.S.  Students have the opportunity to accompany faculty on these trips, during the summer months and/or spring break, to conduct on-site applied mathematics research coupled with ministry.  For more information or to apply, contact Dr. Isihara.

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