CS Program at Wheaton

A formal description of the computer science major (as well as course descriptions for both majors and non-majors) can be found in the catalog, of course. But sometimes catalog copy isn't the most direct way to answer students' questions about the program of study.


In these pages you will find informal descriptions of how the computer science major is structured, what to expect at different points in the course of study, and how best to plan for future semesters. For help with freshman advising, see this guide. >>

This is also here to serve students with specific needs or interests. Any student, regardless of major, who is interested in taking a programming or other computer science course will find this guide helpful. Some majors, like mathematics and engineering, have specific computing requirements which are summarized here.

Do you think a computer science minor might serve you well? This is the place for planning the right set of courses for your needs.


CS Curriculum Diagram 

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